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Adding your website is simple. Your website must have some relevancy to Thailand - that's it. We want to add your site but we reserve the right to decline a link*.

We are currently receiving high volumes of requests. If we accept your site we WILL add it and if it is declined we will let you know. If you do not hear from us the site will have been accepted and will be added at next upload.

Two Steps to Add a Site to the Thailand Websites Directories.

First - add our website

Simply link to our home page with a text link Thailand Websites

OR you can locate the category you wish to be included in and add a link from your site to that category.

For example if you wish to be listed in the Diving Directory the url for our link would be with a relevant description i.e. Thailand Diving Directory.


Secondly - send us an email to

The email should include:

  • Your Website URL
  • Your website title
  • Your chosen category (we may add to more but please state your preference)
  • The URL on your website where we can see our link
  • Your name (optional)

Our link should be a TEXT link; we neither want, nor add, banner links.

The page where you add our link must link, in some capacity, from your home page and we do not accept stand alone links pages.

We hope to hear from you soon.


* We do not carry sites that are overtly adult in nature. We will also not carry any more hotel affiliate websites although originals are still acceptable. If your site has content and "includes" a hotel reservation section that is fine.

** We do not carry websites where our reciprocal link is inaccessible from your home page.